Pages 1st Anniversary Celebration

The VIP having casual chats. The second person from the left is Kenny the COO of Key Elite Sdn Bhd. I don't know who the others are, so don't bother asking me.
The VIP's getting ready to officiate the event with a click of a mouse.

Today I attended's 1st Anniversary Dinner which was held at Cititel Hotel @ Mid Valley. Was actually introduce to this company by Koh Pek, who was once my colleague when we were working with Genting Group. She happen's to be with this company now and thus extending an invitation to me.

For your information is a locally founded e-commerce company which sell gifts online, a local version and smaller scale of Its managed by Key Elite Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of CNI Holdings Bhd. For more info, kindly visit
Some of the Merchandise were on display at the event. A percentage of the sales proceed will be donated to the 2 orphanages that were invited to join the event.

Though the event wasn't that great, the food were so so, the presentation was lack of professional touch, I find the event to be quite meaningful as the company practices Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) by inviting 2 Orphanages to join in the Dinner and presented some gifts to those cute little kids. I think this was one of the selling point which attracted a number of pressman do a coverage on this 1st Anniversary Party of this little start-up company. I guess these people are still pretty fresh to the world of technology or maybe they aren't that IT savvy as I notice the lack of video editing technology being used in its presentation. Anyway, I must still give credit to Key Elite Sdn Bhd team of people who share the same dream doing something different and work towards it.

Oobey's Birthday Cake. Happy Birthday Oobey
The VIP cutting Oobey's Birthday Cake

Life stops when you stop dreaming, so if you have a dream, try living up to it, no matter what people says about it, never ever give up. Happy 1st Anniversary Oobey.

Ex-Genting Group Staff: Myself, Koh Pek and Khian Sin


Anonymous said...

Who is that chubby cutie handsome guy there... Khian Sin?

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