Finally an iPad from Apple

I'm really happy today, cause I finally got my hand on an iPad from Apple. Yes the hot gadget that everyone has been talking about is finally here and I cant wait to share it with you guys.

Posing with a brand new iPad(still in the box) @ D'House

Behold, let take a peep to see whats inside the box.

The back cover

Me Posing with the iPad. (Helena Lee was laughing at this picture because it looks an iPad salesman)

Size comparison between an iPhone and iPad...

Oh well, actually the unit above doesn't belong to me. It actually belong to a colleague of mine who is so lucky because her husband got the iPad as a birthday gift from his company. How lucky is that? Since my colleague knows that I'm somewhat obsessed with the iPad, she decide to bring it to office so that I could try it out. how nice of her!!!

Anyway, here the real owner who was so kind to let me test out her new gadget:

Wan Hallena and Me.

I'm definitely getting one when it officially reach Malaysia. Will probably get the one that support 3G for easy data access. Have you got an iPad?


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