3rd PutraJaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Attended the 3rd PurtaJaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the very first time this morning. This annual event is held for the 3rd time this year at the same old venue, PutraJaya. It was much of a disappointment I must say. I was expecting it to be an event of international standard, but it turns out to be otherwise with many stalls setup to monetize from the innocent crowd.

The skyline of PutraJaya being filled with balloons.

Doraemon, my favourite among the many balloons on display.

Me and Doraemon in the background

Doraemon being suck till death by its owner. jk jk..

Not too sure what when wrong there, but the sky was rather cloudy and wind were quite strong. Left the venue in less than an hour as the entire thing is just a waste of time. I will never come for this event again, unless they have a really attractive WAU factor to woo me.


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