BangsarBabe's Wedding Night

Just got back from an awesome wedding of a lovely couple, Sue Lynn (better known as Bangsarbabe and Wei Jien.)
A little history, I got to know this beautiful slim lady during a food review back in 2009. She was seated right beside me and I surprise that she could actually eat more than me. I just couldn't believe my eyes, after all she is so slim  it just doesn't make sense that she could eat more than me. Later I got to know that she is in fact a famous food blogger/critic with a magic tongue. If you even ever have chance to dine with her, you would know what I mean. 
Okay, back to the story, the Hollywood Glam theme wedding was held at Grand Dorsett Subang (formally known as Sheraton Subang). Attended the event with my girlfriend Michelle who seems to be more excited than I'm. It was indeed a grand night just like a Hollywood event with lots of professional photographer runner around minus the famous Hollywood celebrity. Guess were advise not to stand up and take photo but leave it to the pros to do their work. So this is in the photo I manage to take with my ipad2:
Congratulation Sue Lynn aka Bangsarbabe aka Mrs Low.
Will be waiting eagerly for Wei Jien and Sue Lynn junior next year. hehe.


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