OverTime Pavilion KL

Was at OverTime @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur last night for a review. The outlet is located at Level 4, just beside Redbox Plus and 1 level below Golden Screen Cinemas. Anyway I ran a little late due to the rain and  the typical after work KL traffic.

Nevertheless, I was just time when staff at OverTime was about to open the first barrel of Starker. If I'm not mistaken, OverTime is the first Bistro that introduces Starkers in Malaysia and its is still the only one offering those delicious German beers. Anyway back to the review, the session was hosted by OT Entertainment International Sdn Bhd the company behind this successfully franchise business that is the most successful as of today. We basically have free flow of food (just order anything we like from the menu) and free flow of Starkers So we the reviewers basically order and eat LIKE A BOSS.

Andy Kho (far left) and Thomas Yap(far right) waiting eagerly for their drinks.

You've got to be highly skilled in opening the barrel to avoid wastage.

Sang Har Mee, it may not taste as good as what you get at those 5 Star Restaurant, but still acceptable. By the way, who would actually come for Sang Har Mee? Personally I usually go to OverTime for Starker and the band at 1 Mont Kiara.

Here we have some sort of Mango Kerabu and Char Siew.

While drinking and dining, Michelle Ching, the Head of Marketing for OverTime walk over to introduce herself and welcome everyone. She then introduces a special guest, the Master Brewer of Starker, Mr Tim O'Rourke was in town to meet all of us.

Me and Mr Tim

Tim posing for a photo with his photo on the menu.

If you've been to any OverTime before, you will notice Tim photo printed on the menu just like that photo above. Basically Starkers come in 3 variety, Aromatic (medium bodied), Dunkel (dark beer) and Lager (full bodied).

And this is Eric Yong trying to be Thor.

Honestly due to its location at the corner, I almost forgotten that there is an OverTime @ Pavilion until I receive the invitation for this review. Its my first visit to this outlet and I totally love its setting and space within. If you happen to be around, do give this place a try, not for the food but for the German beers.

OverTime Pavilion
Lot C4-02-00, Level 4,
Pavilion Shopping Mall
Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 0108395095


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