Facebook introduces Timeline: A new way to express yourself

Facebook, a social networking site which begun rolling out its service in February 2004 has revolutionise the way people communicate and contributed in the surge of smartphone sales in recent years. Today, 7 years later, it is the world largest social networking site with more than 800,000,000 active user worldwide. Its success is due to its ability to understand what the user needs and continuous improvement, be it interface features or security.

During its developer conference back in September, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook introduces a new version of profile interface called the Timeline telling your story to your friends. Shall not waste time typing too much here, do video below will give you a better picture:

After much hesitation, I've finally switch my profile to the new Timeline, check out the screen shot here:

Now you can put your favourite photo as cover photo just like my red little Mini. 

Notice the straight vertical line at the center? That's the timeline.

Basically everything is arrange along with the horizontal line you in the photo above, with the latest happening at the top and historical event below. Everything is arrange in sequence to let your friends and family have  better picture of what you have been up to since they last meet you. 

Over all, I would say that the layout is pretty neat and cool but this new layout also make stalking easier. So be sure to adjust your security setting to ensure that those stalkers wont be able to stalk your every move. 

If you would like to check out the timeline and have your profile updated with the new timeline, check out, and click on the APPS button below.


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