Jazz @ No Black Tie, KL

After 2 session of intensive training yesterday and this morning, my friend invited me to chill out and was introduce to this place called No Black Tie aka NBT, which is located few streets away from Changkat Bukit Bintang. I've heard a lot about it but never been there until today. It's one of the few premier Jazz Club around town.

The Entrance

From outside, this place look really calm and somewhat deserted. If it weren't for my friend, I would never venture into this place. It has nice greenery landscape porch to welcome guess like me with a serene feeling as I walk towards the entrance. The main entrance is design in such a way that it look like a secret door. Honestly I never knew it was a door and was looking around trying to find the entrance until my friend push the wooden panel right below the No Black Tie sign.

The walkway leading to the stairs and stage.

As I walked in, I was greeted with a mini bar and the cashier counter. That's when a friendly waiter come and greet me before escorting me to the main sitting area just like what you see in the picture above and the next few picture below. I was amaze with what I saw upon stepping in, almost everything was made of wood from the chairs to tables. The wall and floor were covered with high quality treated wood. I suppose its design in such a way to absorb all the echos. I felt like walking into Petronas Philharmonic Orchestra, a smaller version of about 20 times. Nevertheless the feeling was just great.

The view from the stage.

Most of the photo's were courtesy of No Black Tie as I didn't have my camera with me and Blackberry just doesn't take good photo's with low lighting.

The upper deck view

Got a really nice place for 2 by the wall, and ordered a bottle of white wine while waiting for the first performance to start.

Reza Salleh performing on stage

Stage performance begun with Reza Salleh, a funny guy who plays good Jazz music. He composes his own song and sing pretty well. To add on, he is a pretty good story teller, he told stories from the beginning to the end and introduces every single song with a story. His story telling skill somewhat make his music even more interesting because I can start to relate the lyrics to his story as he sings.

There was another group Singaporean performer during the night, but they sing and look more like a rock star. Sadly I don't get what they were signing as the guys were like mumbling and yelling. Worse of all, I just couldn't feel them. Anyway shall not mention the band's name here.

Agenda for the month. Get updated event calender by clicking here

So if you are looking for a really nice place to bringing your dream girl out on a first date and impress her, a romantic dinner with your love ones or chilling out with friends. Didn't had chance to try out the food as I had dinner before coming over, but I heard my friend commenting that it's quite good.

Maybe I shall drop by again soon to try the food and write a short review, meanwhile go there to enjoy the wine's and music.

*Note: for some of the performances, you maybe required to pay a token sum as cover charged. Support local music industry abit lah, these guys/girls really work hard and deserve it. Once in a while they will have international musicians making appearance too.


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