Malaysia's longest human domino @ DiGi's 15th Annivesary

DiGi Telecommunication, one of Malaysia's leading telecommunication company recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary with a big bang. In conjunction with its birthday, DiGi got itself in the Malaysia book of records for making the longest human domino.

The day started with all 1,500 DiGizen(that's what they call people who work at DiGi) gathering at the D'House, DiGi's award winning HQ based in Subang Hi-Tech Industrial Park. Due to the massive number of people involved, the organised split everyone into 80 teams. I was appointed one of the team lead and guess what, I manage to rope in Mr Henrik Clausen, the CEO of DiGi to be a part of my team.

Henrik Clausen, CEO DiGi Telecommunications & Me

Police Motorcade getting ready to escort some 40 buses of DiGizen to KL Town.

Everyone were transported on 40 express buses from Shah Alam to Pavilion KL where the human domino record will be created. We had a group of traffic police riding on their power bike escorting and stopping traffic along our journey down. We even drive pass tollbooth's without stopping. These really made everyone on the bus feels like a VVIP.

The crowd at D'House entrance.

Audrey Ho, Head of Investor Relation, Henrik Clausen, CEO, me and the yellowman

DiGizen in action forming the largest human domino

At the end of the day, DiGi successfully made it into the Malaysian Book of Record for the longest human domino. The success was made possible with the cooperation of 1,409 DiGizen. if you are wondering where the other 400 DiGizen disappear, well some of them were from the region while some were working back in office to ensure that all you customer out there will be able to enjoy DiGi's service without disruption.
Right after the record breaking event, everyone headed for lunch around Bukit Bintang before returning for more fun fill activities which requires DiGizen to interact with the customer's on the ground. Some of the activities includes, exchanging plastic bags with DiGi's environmental friendly bags(each teams is required to walk to 5 people on the street asking them if they would like to change their bags), giving cup cakes to people(every team was required to give out like 10 cup cakes to the public and inform them that DiGi is celebrating its 15th Birthday), getting the public to write birthday wishes for DiGi(each team was required to get 15 card written with birthday wishes) and many other games took place throughout the day. There was also a treasure hunt which run concurrently with all the games too.

This is me participating in one of the games which require me to entertain the public by dancing in the glass house at the entrance of Fahrenheit 88,

Basically the whole street along Bukit Bintang is painted yellow

This is me chilling with a glass of Carlsberg at the entrance of Pavilion KL.

At the time post is written, I'm not paid by to do this. hope they will consider though, don't mind having to post with a glass of Carlsberg in all my photo if I get paid and get free supplies

Everyone was treated to a really luxurious dinner @ Starhill Gallery where the entire lower ground floor aka Feast was close for DiGi's private dinner. DiGizen can enjoy free flow of food and beverages and hoop around all the 11 F&B outlets such as Enak KL, Fisherman's Cove, Jake's Charbroil Steaks, Koryo-Won Korean Restaurant, Luk Yu Tea House, Pak Loh Chiu Chow,Sentidos Tapas,Shook Restaurant, Tarbush The Village Bar and Vansh.
Right after dinner, everyone is transported with the same buses and police escort from Starhill Gallery to Bukit Jalil to catch Adam Lambert live.

DiGi's booth @ Bukit Jalil

DiGi Music's remote control flying craft

Everyone playing with DiGi's giant ball before the the concert starts.

and this is Adam Lambert live in KL.

If you missed the event, here's a video clip on the record breaking human domino's:

It was really one in a life time experience that money cant buy. How many company in Malaysia would actually charter 40 buses, hire 20 police escort, booked the entire floor of F&B outlets at Starhill for dinner and treat more than 1,800 of its staff to a concert perform by international artist? So far, its only DiGi Telecommunication that is able to pull together such a big project. Thumbs up for everyone at DiGi.


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