3 Days in Advance

Sometime, I really have to salute my friends for being so... so.... so.. informative. About 2 weeks back I was told that Chilis will open its new outlet on the 21st @ Empire Gallery. Over dinner just now, I was messaging Jane and Allie over BlackBerry Messenger and we decided to drop by Chilis since for light drinks at about 10pm.

So right after dinner, I picked both of them from Hartamas and Subang Jaya before heading over to Chilis @ Empire Gallery. To my horror surprise, we saw the following scene:

Taa..daa.. Opening on 26th May 2010.

Now who is that smart alec who told me that its opening on 21st May? Apparently she was with me just now when we see this banner hanging. So we end up at Little Bally Cafe. That's how my weekend just ended.


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