Uncle Chua's Birthday Bash

Over the weekend, my colleague Uncle Chua throw a birthday party at Zeta Bar @ KL Hilton. With a marketing guy like him being at the driver's seat organising a birthday party, one can be sure that there will be plenty of booze. If my memory did not fail me, I arrived at about a quarter past 10 and the total bill is already RM4K to RM5K plus. Wonder how is the final bill at the end of the day.

Adrian & Keith (not sure what's with the expression though)

Finger Food

As you can see in the picture, there are much variety in term of finger food, probably because Uncle Chua decides to spend most of it on drink cause I've tried better finger food at Zeta Bar. Anyay the sushi with thin slice of salmon was good, I didn't even know there were salmon (for some reason I usually don't take salmon).

The Booze

The drinks you see is just the beginning of the party. We They had several more bottle as the night goes by and we end up having at least 4 friends piss drunk, some of which we have to carry them to the car with a wheel chair. Those who plan to throw a drinking party @ Zeta Bar, don't worry they provide free wheel chair service if you or your friends ever get piss drunk.


vialentino said...

hey...u know keith from digi as well...hahaha....that party dude guy...nice bloggie here

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