Free Japanese Dinner from Genting

I'm not a regular gambler, in fact I don't event gamble during Chinese New Year when all my family and relatives are busy gambling away. However something struck my last week and I ended up in Genting Highland with 2 of my good friends.

It all started with a budget of RM300, I played Russian Roulette in which I initially double up my capital before losing it all 2 hours later.

Not satisfied with the end result and armed with strong determination to take back what I've lost, I took another RM200 from my wallet and ended up winning a total of RM700.

Look at my winning. RM500 chip, woohoO

Well the winning may not be big but the satisfaction I got from it was priceless. Called 2 of my other good friends right after that and we went for a nice Japanese dinner @ Hartamas.


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