DiGi's 5th CEO Farewell

Yesterday DiGi Telecommunication organised a farewell party for its 5th CEO who will be leaving the company. It's my second time attending an event like this one after joining them for close to 3 years, with the first being the farewell for Morten Lundal who left DiGi Telecommunication to join Vodafone.

If you ask me, DiGi is indeed a very fun and unique company to work with, as it provides its employees the flexibility to virtually work from anywhere without a permanent desk. It's HQ is also design to emulate Google's Campus. You may read more in my previous post on D'House.

Oh ya, announcing his departure in a very short and simple email, Johan says that his heart would always remain yellow. This got the organising team to quickly come up with the theme for the party. Everyone was ask to dress in black and sticker with yellow heart were given to everyone. Reason is pretty simply, everyone has to stick the yellow heart sticker on their clothes.

Everyone actually put their work aside to bid farewell to Johan

If you have not been to D'House here you will get a sneak peak of how D'House, DiGi's pride and HQ looks like.

The audience being entertain by a group of employees on stage.

The crowd at level 2, laughing to the Johan's remark.

Johan with his big yellow heart in the centre reacting to the crowds from above.

The inquiry Board.

A group of 4 senior mangement were ask to put on an act as the inquiry board, throwing a list of question on Johan, such as the various thing he likes in DiGi, Malaysia, the people, the things he will miss and lots of crazy questions.

Albern Murthy, Moharmustaqeem Mohammed, Stefan Carlsson, Christian Schutt and Johan

Johan sharing about his plans after leaving DiGi

Johan's 2 lovely boy were also present at the farewell party.

One last photo of DiGi's Management Team and Johan's Family.

For those who have work closely with him over the past 2 year, it will definitely be tough to accept the fact that he is finally leaving, but one have to accept the fact that we are all employees and in the corporate world, people come and go.


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