Chilling @ Ecoba, Tuesday Afternoon.

This must be one of the most random post I've attempted.

Question No1: How many of you out there have actually chilled at at this place called Ecoba, Damansara Perdana?
Ans: Maybe 50% to 70% of you will raise your hand.
Question No2: How many of you chill out over there on a in the afternoon during work hour?
Ans: Probably only 1% of you would raise your hand.

Well yesterday I was chilling @ Ecoba since 1pm till 9pm, yes I was there during working hours and its the longest time I've spend @Ecoba. Actually it was my company's half yearly review and everyone was invited to have an off site meeting.

BBMing away while relaxing on the colourful bean bag

Cute little cups in random colours(this must be one of Ecoba's trademark, everything come in random colour)

oh well , sorry for the lack of pictures, made this post to instill some jealousy among my friends who are working hard. ROTFL.

This maybe my first and last time doing so..


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