Free 32GB iPhone 3GS from DiGi

DiGi Telecommunications launches its maiden partnership with Apple Inc. 3 months back and introduces the much awaited iPhone 3GS packages. At the same time, DiGi also introduces a sell one get one free program. This is to encourage all DiGi employees to help spread words to their friends and family. The marketing campaign prove fruitful as more than 1,300 employees successfully introduces their friends and family to sign up for the new iDiGi plan.

Back then, I introduced Katherine Ng's sister to sign up for the iDiGi Plan with 32GB iPhone 3GS which automatically made me qualify for one FREE 32GB iPhone 3GS.

The wait for the iPhone is finally over today at D'House.

Got this collection slip from the Registration Counter

I got myself registered at the registration counter to verify my identity and to obtain my collection slip. Proceeded to the collection counter with the slip to get my new iPhone 3GS.

Collection Counter

Trouble Shooting Counter

Wow, look at the stacks of iPhone 3GS all 1300 units.

This guy helping me to unbrick at the collection counter

This is it!!!!

My baby's warranty card

My brand new baby finally out of the box

I'm still hesitating whether to use or sell my new gadget. Honestly I've not been a fan of iPhone ever since the craze started across the globe.

A big thank you to Katherine and her sister for helping me qualify for my brand new baby.


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