Day Trip Around Klang - Pulau Ketam

After breakfast, we head over to the Klang Port to catch the ferry to Pulau Ketam (direct translation: Crab Island), a small little island located southwest off the coast of Port Klang.

It cost us RM7/pax for an approximately 30minutes journey which takes us though a mangrove river and the Straits of Malacca.

Waiting for the ferry was a rather HOT affair as we have to stand right under the hot sun for close to 30 minutes. Learned my lesson well, shall bring an umbrella if I ever plan to visit Pulau Ketam again. Advice to all of you out there who intend to visit Pulau Ketam, PLEASE bring an umbrella.

The interior of the Ferry.

The ferry which has a capacity of about 70 paxs is not well maintained. Perhaps the government could help refurbish the ferries to better promote Pulau Ketam as a tourist.

View from the Ferry via an old tinted window.

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a big seafood restaurant which we later dine at.

Pulau Ketam is village that thrived on fishing activities with majority of its population being Chinese. It's said that Pulau Ketam was lifeless until about 20 years back when some Chinese immigrant landed and decided to call it home. The island is so small that people on the island travel by bicycle only. There were no motorise land vehicle sighted throughout the island.

Fishing Boat

Pulau Ketam volunteer fire brigade.

I just cant imagine how the fire brigade operates with fire bicycles instead fire engines.

Look!!! they have satellite TV too, impressive.

I'm amazed and impressed that they have satellite TV because I'd always thought of Pulau Ketam as a lay back fishing village.

Pulau Ketam Fried Ice Cream

This fried ice cream store which appears to be the one and only ice cream store on the island is operated by an old couple in their 60's. Unlike the wide variety served at Baskin Robin, it comes in 4 flavour only, namely Chocolate, Yam, Vanilla or Strawberry. Each being sold for RM2.20 (USD 0.71)

Pre-prepared ice cream stuff in some sort of pastry are kept in a portable freezer.

The frying process take less than a minute.

After frying, the uncle took it to drain off some of the oil before serving it wrap in serviette

Tadaa..... Fried Ice Cream anyone?

The CHIA 's Descendant Association

This place is packed with local tourist, mostly day tripper.

There is a moderate size temple on the island, indicating Taoism is a major religion on the island.

Table Soccer is one of the local's favourite past time.

After walking round the little island and trying our the variety of street fare, we proceed for seafood lunch at Kuai Lok Hian Seafood Restaurant. Here's some of the dishes we had:

Crabs cooked in Sweet and Sour style

Steam Fish

Steam Lala (clam)

Fried Sotong/Squid (the upper class people call it Calamari)

Fish Ball Soup

Prawns cooked in Asam Style

We spend about RM160 for 8 dishes, rice, Chinese tea, coconuts and few bottles of Guinness. That's pretty cheap for 12 people and the amount of fresh seafood we had. The result:

We left there fully satisfied.

Honestly the food isn't really that fantastic, the it was really fresh and that made up for the taste. Certainly a good place to be at if you are looking for fresh and cheap seafood. We had good companies too, and that made it even more special.

Right after lunch, some of us crave to try the Fried Oyster aka Ho Jian which is being sold at almost every corner of the street, with each of them claiming to the be the best and authentic staff. Almost all of they even have a newspaper cutting to backed their claim. Besides friend oyster, they also have friend lala(clams).

This stall has a news paper cutting which claim that it's one of the best in town

We decided to buy from this uncle simply because it looks the best among all the stalls.

Just to look of this make me hungry.

Though we bought 1 each of the fried oyster and fried lala, we never really had to chance to try it while its hot as everyone was busy yapping away. We ate it together with Yao yao ping fried chicken later in the evening. By the time we try, it didn't taste that good, probably because it already cold.

Next we had egg shaped sorbet which is being sold at a sundry shop right beside Kuai Lok Hian restaurant.

The seller claim that its made from fresh fruit juice. However I doubt so, cause it didn't taste fresh.

The variety of sorbet in the freezer.

and this is my Dragon Fruit Sorbet.

Overall its nice place to visit, a must for everyone who stay in Klang Valley. Basically if one plans to visit this place, please try to control yourself to avoid being con into buying underrate stuff and food just because there is a sign which says its famous or special.


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