DiGi to Launch Micro Sim soon

Although the ever popular gadget such as Apple iPad and Apple iPhone 4 has yet to arrive at our shore officially, many gadget enthusiast has found their own way to obtain those cool gadgets either by purchasing it abroad or from the grey market.

Once you've got your hands on those cool gadgets, the first problem you have is that the local telco does not have micro sim. For the record, both Apple iPad and iPhone4 required micro sim, your ordinary sim card wont be able to fit in the sim holder.

While there are some that manage to trimmed their normal sim card according to online guide easily available via google or youtube, there are some who prefer to obtain micro sim from the local telco.

I hereby share this good news with you. DiGi's has its micro sim stocks ready and will be launching it in the coming week along with the much awaited Apple iPhone4. Here's a sneak peak on how the brand new micro sim looks like:


Apple Lim said...

means the iphone 4 is coming this week?????????

Charlie said...

Apple Lim: Probably not this week. What I said was in the coming weeks. To be more precise, its towards the 3rd or 4th week of September. Hang in there cause the shipment has not arrive just yet.

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