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Last week I've the privilege of joining Eric Yong in his quest to search for the ultimate No.1 Pork Burger in Malaysia. Project's code name #No1PorkBurger. As I've missed the first outing, I made it a point to squeeze in some time for this outing which happen on the 26th of Aug.

There were about 9(bloggers/tweeples) of us in total(including myself) and they are @ericyong77 Eric, @bigboss8888 Jonathan Tan, @vin_ann Chin Ann, @patchay Patrick Chay Ing Keong, @SalocinTEN Nicolas, Joe and @mynjayz Jason.

This time around we dropped by Andes, a little Restaurant hidden at the corner of Aman Suria. Andes specialise in Western, Local and BYO which literally stands for Bring Your Own(BYO). The BYO concept is basically to allow its customer the freedom of bringing and enjoy their own drink, be in fine wine or liquor of their choice without high corkcage charges.

This will be one of my very few food review, so please bear with me as there are lots of improvement required.

The menu were pretty simple and straight forward, with one A4 size menu for food and another for beverages.

As the mission was to identify the best pork burger in town, each of us ordered a set of pork burger without indulging further into the menu.

Andes Pork Burger @ RM12.90++ each

As set by Eric, the No 1 Pork Burger Mission's review shall be rates from 0 to 10 for each of the following criteria: Looks, Taste, Juiciness, Portion(Price Over Service Size) and Bonus Points(Depending on how happy we are with the service).

Look wise, i shall rate it 5/10 as it didn't really look appetising for a start but that didn't really stop me from whacking the whole burger as I was hungry after being stuck on federal highway for an hour.

The pork burger certainly taste better than it looks. Though I was rather hungry at that point, I'm pretty sure that the pork burger taste good. I'm not good at words to describe how good it was but I will give a 7.5/10 for being just right for my taste bud(not too salty or sweet).

Personally I think the good taste has a lot to do with the juiciness of the pork patty. This is a sign of freshness and how well it was cooked(not too cooked but just right to serve). If you seen Eric's video with squeezing the pork patty between the buns, you will see the juice Oozing out of the pork patty. If everyone were to kept their silence, I bet you could even hear the juice flowing out. For that I think it deserves a 8.5/10

I must really agree with Eric that the it's portion is rather worth while. At the price of RM12.90, I can feel the burger right up my throat. Thus I think it's by far one of the most affordable meal I've tried in a restaurant of a similar class/standard. I shall give it a 9/10, the highest point among all the criteria.

For appetizer, Eric ordered a serving of Daddy Dry Pork Chili for everyone to share.

Daddy Dry Pork Chili @ RM12.90 each too

Basically a 3-layer pork meat marinated and cooked with lots of chili. Nice if you enjoy eating fat rich pork and spicy stuff.

Lastly on the last criteria, Bonus Point, I will give it a 6/10. Honestly the service was great, the owner Andy even served us with dessert right after our meal. However I think the owner tried alittle too hard to please us. Maybe he knows that there are some influential blogger among our group but that shouldn't be the reason for a better than usual service, 2 points were deducted because of this.
Being a non-smoking restaurant, the owner go to the extend of asking other patrons for permission so that some of my group member can take a puff. for that I minus another 2 points from the the bonus point.

Over all, this place scores 36/50 or 72%. Final Verdict: A must try for all pork lover, pork burger in particular.

Restaurant: ANDES BYO
Address: K-G-11, Jalan PJU1/43, Aman Suria, 47301 Petaling Jaya. (SAME row as Cha Cha Pan Mee)
Mobile Phone: 012 - 2200530(Andy)
Other Phone: 03 - 7808 3292

Business Hour :
Monday to Friday :12pm to 3pm & 5pm to midnight
Saturday & Sunday : 6pm to Midnight


Anonymous said...

I tried this after reading your blog. It was really good. thanks

Charlie said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm flatter to know that you actually read my blog and try out my recommendation. Glad you like it. Hope to see you more. Cheers.

Charlie Chia

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