Day Trip Around Klang - Stopped by Marine Police

Oh well, guess it must have been our lucky day. On our very first voyage to Pulau Ketam, we were stopped by Marine Unit of The Royal Malaysian Police Force. This happen about a 100 metres away from shore when we were on our way back from Pulau Ketam to Port Klang.

About 60++ people on boat the ferry were ask to sit at their respective seat and produce their Identification Card (IC) to verify their identity. While some says that the Marine Police were looking for duit raya (pocket money) as it's only the second day of Hari Raya. Apparently the Marine Police were conducting their regular spot check to curb illegal immigrant trying to sneak in from neighbouring country

The Marine Police came on a speed boat

If I remember correctly there were 7 officers on boat that speed boat and they were rather friendly. And no I didn't see any of them asking for duit kopi. They came on the ferry and took about 15 to 20 minutes to check everyone's identity.

This guy on the right forgot to bring his IC along.

This guy in the picture was sitting behind me got frighten when the police came on board as he did not carry his IC with him. He was smart to surrender to the police before his turn and repeatedly told the officer that his IC was left in the car about 100 metres away from where the ferry was ask to stopped.

I was expecting to see the officer asking for some money to close an eye but surprising the officer let him off with only a verbal warning. This incident was really an eye opener and gave me some hope in the police force that not all officer will take bribe while executing their duties.

Anyway while the Marine Police were busy checking people's identity, the 14 of us had great fun flooding @KLroadblock with update on our situation with the hashtag #klrb. In just a matter of seconds everyone in Malaysia(well almost everyone, particularly those who tweet) knows that we went Pulau Ketam and got stopped by Marine Police.

A preview of how @KLroadblock was flooded by us.


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