Free Liquor from Carlsberg

Was at Sheraton Subang Last to attend Carlsberg AGM. Despite my busy schedule, I decided to make a detour over to the hotel because they are giving out free liquor.
Look at those goodie bag from CARLSBERG(dont you wanna know what's inside)
Let me give you a peek(a pack of 6 can beer from Carlsberg)

That's not all, I also get a RM20 beer discount voucher(to be use for the purchase of 1 carton of 24-can pack of Carlsberg Beer)And lastly, 3 pieces of RM10 cash vouchers to shop at GIANT
At the reception, there were free flow of liquor for everyone who attended the event. Now if only they could get some performers or band, it would have been a great party. Sadly its a AGM which suppose to be formal, so free liquor is good enough for those who enjoy drinking.

Not bad for a 20 minute detour right? Now who wants the RM20 Discount Voucher? I actually have 3 set of it to be given away.


AhVoo said...

you dont drink?
why are you giving away the vouchers anyway?

Charlie said...

yes, you're right. I dont drink. If I drink, I will be keeping it for my self. =)

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