What I'm gonna wear to Pajama Party?

Many of you have been asking me what I will be wearing to Nuffnang Pajama Party. Initially I thought of wearing whatever I usually wear to sleep(a 3/4 pants and a shirt). Esther also said that she will be wearing house clothes(as of yesterday morning) because she is a student and dont wana waste money to buy. However, She change her mind later in the evening and this is what she bought:

Dam, she is so gonna kill me for revealing her secret.

Since she bought something so fancy, I didnt wanna lose out, so I went shopping at 1Utama this morning and got myself this:


Shengcui said...

maybe both of u should wear a matching one and get one of hers!! I'm dying to see u in that!!!

Charlie said...

shengcui: me in that red boxers ? you must be kidding me..

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